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    • Men's Dress Worn by Women - The most esteemed prelate Giuseppe Cardinal Siri bemoans the advent of pants worn by women in 1960 and gives conclusive reasons for doing so.  Truly a masterpiece!
    • This article is offered by Our Lady of the Rosary Library The Requirements for Modesty in Dress - Even among Traditional Catholics today, Christian modesty seems to be neglected.  How is it that the fashions of the world are so enticing when they are clearly so displeasing to God?
    • Directives from the Magisterium on Christian Modesty - Quotes esteemed prelates, giving their thoughts on this matter, and then applies them to ourselves.  The opponents of modest dress are the worldly and the liberal, while its defenders are the saintly...  Choose your side!
  1. Mortification - The incredible St. Anthony Mary Claret tells how he reached such a high degree of mortification.
  2. Suffering - Fr. Paul O'Sullivan shows us how to make the greatest evil in our lives our greatest happiness. [En Español]
  3. Patience - A concise treatment of the vice of impatience with strategies for combating it.
  4. Self Conquest - Thoughts on the Way to Perfection - We should focus every day of our lives on saving our immortal soul.
  5. Food for the Soul - Teach the Children, The Price of Heaven and Padre Pio on Women's Dress.

External Resource

  • Blessed Margaret Family Help Center - Offering the Catholic 12-Steps addiction recovery program and developing programs to assist with the problems of today's families in the context of Catholic spirituality.